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Data Annotation Service

Enriching Your Data
To Facilitate AI System Development

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What Is DataFarm?

A Premiere, Expert Data Annotation Outsourcing Company 

Servicing companies ranging from AI system developers to research & education institutions


Committed To Customer Satisfaction & High Data Quality

Superior data annotation service through consultative engagement, quality assurance methodology, and project visibility at prices that yield extraordinary value


What We Offer

DataFarm will provide data annotation consultancy service to AI system developers. The service will involve understanding customer's business needs, seeking advice from experts in the application domain, identifying data sources, collecting data, confirming annotation scope, defining the Data Annotation Specification, and annotating data using cost-competitive resources.  Customers also have visibility on project progress and resources through the annotation platform provided by DataFarm.

Connecting Dots



Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Detection


Time-stamping, Audio Classification


Bounding Box, Polygon, Polyline, Point, Segmentation, Cuboid, Classification


Bounding Box, Polygon, Polyline, Point, Cuboid, Group, Segmentation

Data Collection

Collecting data from public sources or curating the required dataset

Data Digitization

Transcription of data from other media to the electronic form

Fairness Assessment

Using demographic & impact parity and more

Why Us

Why DataFarm?

World-Class Quality


The highest data quality through pre-process measures, in-process incremental checkpoints, and post-process reviews

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Unit 650, Building 19W, 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP), Shatin, N.T.

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